White and Bright

Oh what a difference some white paint makes! Please don’t pay any attention to the giant mess or the ugly green countertops. That’ll all be fixed in time.



We still have some spots that need touch up, and we apparently can’t count, so we need to pick up one more handle. I absolutely love the hardware. The thick handles really help modernize the space.

Next up on the list:

– White countertops. We’re trying to do this whole makeover on a small budget, so we’re picking the least expensive option. Knowing the resale value of our home, splurging here just doesn’t make sense. The Allen & Roth white counters from Lowes that we are looking at will look very similar to the photo below.

– Laminate floor throughout the living room and kitchen. It’ll be 12 mm thick, wide plank, dark wood. I’ll be adding a sample pic later.

– Backsplash like the one we saw at Home Depot here:


So that is where we stand. Happy to have made so much progress over the past week and can’t wait to watch it continue to unfold!


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