Our Sapphire

Last week, as we sat in disbelief with how things had fallen apart for our little one, Lance had the idea that we should do something to remember our first baby. I turned to etsy, hoping to find something there. We decided on two things…a small sapphire necklace where our baby could live close to my heart, and a watercolor print called “sapphire dreams”. The print hasn’t arrived yet, but the necklace came in the mail the other day and has brought us some comfort.

Our sapphire…



2 thoughts on “Our Sapphire

  1. I stumbled upon your blog and just wanted to let you know I understand your pain. I have suffered two miscarriages over the past few months, and with each, buying something small to remember my unborn child has been the best therapy I could imagine. Prayers and good wishes to you on your journey!

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