Covered in Paint

Well that is how I’ve been feeling. Like no matter how I think I’ve scrubbed off every spot, it is still there. We’ve been busy working on our kitchen cabinet painting project. Yesterday I had a severe headache for the entire day. It is one of those headaches that motrin and tylenol are not touching. Even my trusty diet coke caffeine solution that I pull out in dire circumstances didn’t do the trick. So I’m just dealing, and hoping that it passes shortly.

But, back to our painting story. We’ve now finished the backs of the cabinet doors and a first coat on the fronts of the doors. The island frames are finished and the bottom cabinet frames are finished. We still need to do two coats on the top cabinet frames and molding, but we are hoping to finish that by tomorrow. Then everything will dry until Sunday (yay for Friday and Saturday with no painting!) when we’ll attempt to re-hang all of the doors and put the drawers back in. Surprisingly, the dog has yet to try and eat everything out of the open bottom cabinets. It’s a good thing sometimes that he doesn’t have a strong sniffer.



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