European Travels

Last week I was able to go to Europe on a trip for work. Luckily, Lance was able to come with me. We spent time in Innsbruck, Munich, and Paris, and it was my first time in each city. Innsbruck was amazing. Towering snow-covered mountains surrounded the city. We lucked out with great weather. Big snow storms came through right before and after our visit. While we were there, skies were sunny!

The next stop was Munich. We just spent one night but managed to walk to the Glockenspiel and have a great German dinner at the Augustiner Keller beer hall.

The next morning we took the train to Paris. We only had about 48 hours to explore the city, but since we were already pretty wiped out, it was enough. The weather was not ideal (it rained the entire time), but since I had never been I enjoyed seeing the big tourist sites (the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, and Notre Dame) and wandering the busy streets. Our hotel was right off of Rue Cler, an adorable street filled with shops and restaurants. We also loved walking through the Latin Quarter on our way back from Notre Dame.


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